Farpoint spreadsheet activex control problem with ATL dialogs

There is a problem when Farpoint spreadsheet Activex control is embedded in ATL Dialogs. The problem follows...
One component dll is created with ATL dialog which is derived from CAxDialogImpl class. The ATL dialog contains the farpoint spreadsheet activex control which is added at design time. We distributed this component along with the Spr32x30.ocx. On the target system it was giving the License agreement error as "License.DAT not found". The Spreadsheet control used is the licensed version only.
When we wrote to Farpoint they asked us to create the spread control at run time. For that they provided the extra code to add the license key using IClassFactory2->RequestLicenseKey() and create the component using IClassFactory2->CreateInstaneLic() functions. But for this the spreadsheet control is to be created at runtime. We have so many spread controls to be added and have to be designed at design time itself.

But the same Farpoint spreadsheet works fine if we convert the ATL dialog to MFC dialog. MFC dialog didn't ask for the License.DAT file.

Can you provide the solution so that all spreadsheet controls can be added at design time itself in ATL?

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