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ISAPI Certificate Extraction

I'm trying to figure out how to extract a certificate

with an ISAPI extension, but I'm having problems....

This is from a DLL generated by the wizard.

My code is as follows:


ctxCert.CertContext.pbCertEncoded = (BYTE*)malloc(CERT_SIZE * sizeof(BYTE));

ctxCert.CertContext.pCertInfo = (PCERT_INFO)malloc(sizeof(PCERT_INFO));memset(ctxCert.CertContext.pbCertEncoded, 0, CERT_SIZE);

DWORD dwSize = sizeof(ctxCert);

int i = pCtxt->ServerSupportFunction(HSE_REQ_GET_CERT_INFO_EX, &ctxCert, &dwSize, NULL);

i always returns 0 (success), but the certificate information is not populated. Has anyone else done this?

Thanks - Howard

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