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Edit Message?

I'd like to see the ability to edit a message I've posted. Currently, I post the new one and delete the old one.


  • WEBMASTERWEBMASTER Member Posts: 549
    I have thought about this feature as well, but I decided not to implement it at this moment, because I think its not so good if someone after a while can change the content of their messages. Specially if other users already have read the messages.

    If you want to clarify or add something, then you can always post a reply to it.

    Perhaps we can add it later on in some form, its just a matter of "defining" when it can be edited.


  • ColdShineColdShine Member Posts: 597
    I'd say you can edit a message when you also can delete it!

  • WEBMASTERWEBMASTER Member Posts: 549
    Sure, I could do it like that you can edit posts as long as no-one have posted a reply to it. That's the current rule for deleting messages. I will add that to the ToDo list :-)


  • KDivad LeahcimKDivad Leahcim Member Posts: 3,948
    : I'd say you can edit a message when you also can delete it!
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    Took me a while to get back, but that was going to be my suggestion!

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