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About the Favorites icon

I noticed this time you are thinking on extending this site rather than improving its appearence. When you will get satisfied, please GET THIS SITE A TRUE LOGO! Every "serious" site on the web has one, but your generic "FREE CODE" text should be substituted by a real logo (this what I think, I know you might think a really different way). I you wish, I can take care of designing it and FREELY post it to you. Please tell me what do you think about.



  • WEBMASTERWEBMASTER Member Posts: 549
    Yes, I am aware of that, if you can create a better logo, then please send me and I promise that I will replace it if I like it.

    Or perhaps I should have a favicon.ico contest? :-)


  • ColdShineColdShine Member Posts: 597
    I've sent you the icon. Tell me what you think about.


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