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Read this ! Important !

There is a link in the Pascal message board to a site called This ultimately leads to a virus infection via a file called IE55.hta. On perusal of this file, i found that the virus is ultimately originating from
''. This file replaces MSTASK.EXE/MSTASKMON.EXE. I was not infected as I had deleted all .HTA binaries from my system a while ago. I strongly suggest you remove that post from the Pascal message board !



  • Do not click those links !! (they are just for reference!)
    btw, do you know of a place where such a virus-spreading site can be complained about ??


  • I have removed that message, thanks for letting me know!

    Don't forget that if you see a bad message, then click on the link on the bottom of the messagepage to report it to me for inspection and possible removal.


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