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New Feature: Stylecodes

Today I have added a new feature that makes it possible for you to control the text formating and style.

This new feature will allow you to create posts containing:
[b]Bold[/B], [i]italic[/i], [s]strike[/s], [s][b][i]bold+italic+strike[/i][/b][/s] and so on.

The following colors have been inplemented:
[Black]Black[/Black], [Gray]Gray[/Gray], [White]White[/White], [Red]Red[/Red], [Purple]Purple[/Purple], [Green]Green[/Green], [Yellow]Yellow[/Yellow], [Blue]Blue[/Blue]

Example of the text-size control tags:
[size=1]Size=1[/size], [size=2]Size=2[/size], [size=3]Size=3[/size], [size=4]Size=4[/size], [size=5]Size=5[/size]

Also, the messageboard will automatically transform all URL, FTP's and E-mails into hypertext links.

Please report any bugs to me.


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