Kernel Developers Needed

I am writing from savaJe technologies. savaJe is a recent Lucent Technology spin off and we are seeking low level developers, etc. with an interest and knowledge of hand held devices.

Our OS represents quite a design and strategic shift from the norm. Basically, we will be designing our OS to run only Java on the StrongARM architecture. By doing so we will eliminate the various layers of abstraction that usually slow down Java applications. The performance gains on initial tests are quite remarkable.

Our core technical team is quite impressive in their abilities. Anyone who wants to do significant low level work with a cadre of highly skilled developers would enjoy it here. Please feel free to visit our website at for additional information.

Julie Ann Geren

savaJe technologies

11 School St.

North Chelmsford, MA 01863

Ph: 978-251-2901 ext 240

Fax: 978-251-3472

[email protected]


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