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Set Default Font When Rendering Project into PDF & Enhanced MPP Files Loading using .NET

Sheraz KhanSheraz Khan Member Posts: 54

Aspose team is pleased to announce the new release of Aspose.Tasks for .NET 17.12.0. This month’s release includes several improvements in terms of feature enhancements and bug fixes. Specifically, it introduces the capability of setting default font for exporting project data to PDF. This month’s release includes an enhancement for setting default font during project data conversion to PDF. Setting default font during rendering of documents helps when a font is not found on the server. In such case, default font replaces the missing font and output is not affected. This can be specified using the DefaultFontName property of the PdfSaveOptions. This release also includes fixes for issues found with the previous version of the API, such as Project reading exceptions while loading certain Project MPP files, Issues with Task Duration during recalculations, Incorrect start and finish times of resource baseline, Issues with header text while rending project data and Font information lost for MPP file. This release includes plenty of new features as listed below

• Add support for setting a default font when a project is rendering into PDF
• Task notes not saved for template file from MSP 2016
• Resource assignment units raise exception when large value is set
• Task duration becomes zero if multiple resources are assigned
• Project reading exception while loading the MPP file
• AT breaks the showing of GanttBarStyle for manual summary tasks
• Resource assignment has incorrect baseline start/finish date
• FontFamily not set in MPP
• Header text is only changed for the default view

Other most recent bug fixes are also included in this release

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