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Acer Wireless Networking Not Working?

Shikha SharmaShikha Sharma DelhiMember Posts: 5

Problems with Wireless connection on Acer Laptop?
If you are experiencing wireless issues with your Acer Laptop then the problem is going to be one of the following:

A problem with your wireless connection itself
Problem with Laptop settings
Missing/ corrupt or outdated Acer Wireless Drivers
If you wish to run a Drivers Scan for Acer Driver Updates, click here for more detail.

  1. Problem with the Wireless Connection
    To rule out this problem you will need to try to connect using another device. If the wireless connection works for another device, then this is not the problem.

  2. Problem with Laptop settings
    It is often the case that the problem with your Acer Wireless connection is just that the ‘wireless’ button has been inadvertently turned off. Many users are unaware that the button is even there so it can often be switched accidentally.

    How to enable Wireless Networking on an Acer Laptop
    In some Acer models you can use a combination of keys on the keyboard to enable or disable wireless networking, in other models there is a wireless switch on the front or side of the laptop. There is a list in the section below of various models and where wireless toggle buttons can be located. These are either:

A wireless button above the keyboard
A toggle slider button on the front or side of the laptop
The fn (function) key pressed in conjunction with another key showing the wireless icon on your keyboard. The Wireless icon will look like one of the images below …
acer wireless icons

Enable/ Disable Wireless on various Acer Laptop Models
General Wireless toggle on/ off – fn+F5
Acer Aspire 1000/1640Z/1690/2012 – toggle Keys above the keyboard
Aspire 2000 Series – button to front of Laptop (apart from Acer Aspire 2010 – see note above)
Aspire 3005 – button on lower right-hand side of laptop
Aspire 5612 – button on the side of the laptop
Aspire 9302 – blue button on the left-hand side of laptop
Aspire 94xx – button found below the Lock key
Aspire One – sliding button on front of laptop (where latch to open latptop would usually be) . If the LED light to the right of this button is on, then the wireless is on, if not, slide the button towards the antenna icon
Extensa 2000/2500 Series – button above the keyboard
Ferrari 3000/3020/3400/4000 – button on front of Laptop

  1. Missing/ corrupt or outdated Acer Wireless Drivers
    If, when you have ensured that the wireless connection is working and Wireless Networking is not disabled on your laptop, you are still having problems with your Wireless connection, then the problem is most likely with your Acer Wireless Drivers. Drivers need to be kept up-to-date and it may be that your Acer Drivers have become corrupt or are just out of date. acer technical support help desk.

You have 2 options in updating your Acer Wireless Drivers, you can search for, download and install the Drivers yourself, or you can use a Driver Update Tool to update the Drivers for you (and automatically keep all Drivers updated). Both options will require an internet connection so you will need to use a wired connection in order to fix the wireless connection issue.

To manually install the Drivers you will need to make a note of the missing Drivers and download them from the Acer Website. You can then install the Drivers (there may be instructions for this on the Acer website). the acer customer service helpline also available.

You can also opt for automatic Driver updates. A Driver Update Tool will scan your machine to identify the missing Drivers and will then automatically download and install them for you. This can save a lot of time and trouble as the software also runs scheduled updates to keep all your Drivers updated.

Acer Customer Service

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