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Identify & Manipulate Conflict Pages from Page’s History of OneNote Document using .NET

Sheraz KhanSheraz Khan Member Posts: 54

Aspose team is pleased to announce the release of Aspose.Note for .NET 17.11.0. This month’s release is sort of maintenance release and includes API improvements in terms of bug fixes. It also provides ability to identify conflict pages from a page’s history. For a complete note on what is new and fixed, please visit the release notes section of API documentation. This release of API provides an enhancement where a page version from history can be identified as conflict page. Conflict pages are skipped by default while saving the file. Using the API, if it is marked as non-conflict using the IsConflictPage property, it will be saved as usual one in the history without being ignored as shown in the code sample on blog announcement page. This version of API also includes bug fixes which further adds to the overall stability of the API. These improvements are related to working with document pages using the API. The list of new and enhanced features added in this release are given below

• Basic handling of conflict pages.
• Page size is reset to Auto after document saving
• Page metadata node is missed exception is raised while loading attached onenote files

Aspose.Note for .NET is a set of .NET components that enables developers to work with Microsoft Office OneNote files in C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET web applications, web services & Windows applications. It allows developers to open files & manipulate elements of OneNote books, from text, images & properties, to more complex elements, & then export to PNG, GIF, JPEG, BMP or PDF formats. It is a pure .NET alternative to the MS OneNote Object Model & supports OneNote 2010, OneNote® 2010 SP1 & 2013 files.

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