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Need expert opinion about my project in PHP codeigniter

Sher MuhammadSher Muhammad Member Posts: 1

currently i have a project and about which i just need experts opinions that what will be the best ways to handle this type of project. Following are the details of the project... Project is about PDF books the client want to develop a system for me when i am uploading a book to site it should extract all the data from book and save into db and after that there is a search in that data which extracted from book so they will find book very easily... Now this is not issue what i mentioned but the issue is they have almost "160 GB" books which they want to upload. So i want expert opinion that is possible that MySQL will manage this huge amount of data and we will query in that data? Because 160 GB books text will going to save in database. So please give me your expert opinions that how i could make this application well managed and not effected speed performance. Thanks

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