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What are the most essential elements for today’s play store app optimization?

Nancy LamasNancy Lamas Member Posts: 2

It is in fact right that now there are countless similar apps that are widely available on the Google Play Store encompassing a mix of free and paid android mobile apps. It is also unquestionable that apps performance and users’ specific interest in terms of engaging with apps largely relies upon the acute level of performance and user experience that is featured within the apps.
But, on the other side of the picture industry professionals have also identified that a larger density of mobile application users can be efficiently attracted on through the play store by intelligently optimizing only a few aspects that helps promote the app on the store.
From your mobile app’s unique name up to its user rating and feedbacks on the play store, there are many other key elements that can play a considerable role in transforming it to be more successful.
A professional android application development company added that the mobile app’s description is one of the best mediums to attract extended number of users if it is professionally written and pin pointedly explains the complete application. In addition to that, android app previews are undoubtedly meant to enable users take a brief look at the various in-app experiences but these previews should be intelligently chosen in a way that they absolutely represent the most important features of the android app.


  • James PatricaJames Patrica Member Posts: 3

    I think most essential element of today play store optimisation are:-

    1) Keyword Research
    2) Put Keywords In Your App’s Title
    3) Add Keywords To Your App’s Description
    4) Make Users Love Your App
    5) Promote yout app
    6) Create Creative icon and screenshot

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