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Rendering Text Data as Image in Resultant PPTX & Enhanced PDF to PPTX inside .NET Apps

Sheraz KhanSheraz Khan Member Posts: 54

Aspose team is pleased to announce the release of Aspose.Pdf for .NET 17.9.0. Aspose.Pdf for .NET is capable of converting PDF files to PPTX format and recently, some customers encountered issues whiles performing this conversion. However in this new release, Aspose team has made numerous fixes related to this feature. Apart from bug fixes, it has also made enhancements to features including Rendering text data as image in resultant PPTX, render individual image separately; instead merging them as single image in resultant file. The API is reliably capable of converting PDF files to PDF/A format and in order to make this feature more stable, it has also made many improvements in this functionality. Some of the bug fixes include Custom font breaks, Compliance error, colors being lost, conversion changes the display order of objects are few to be named. Apart from above mentioned improvements, the API is improved for better PDF to Raster image conversion, rendering of form fields inside PDF, table rendering in PDF file, text extraction and Image stamp operations. The list of important new and improved features are given below

• PDF to PPTX - Different images in document gets merged into single image in output file
• Implement the ability to extract password protected documents via Aspose.Pdf.GroupProcessor
• PDF to PPTX: render text data as image
• Provide overloads for document factory methods
• Add image inside PDF - Output is different as compared to old generator
• NullReferenceException when working with artifacts
• Custom font breaks upon PDF to PDF/A conversion
• PDF to JPGE conversion loses text
• PDF to Image characters show up as squares
• PDF to PDFA conversion changes the display order of objects
• Alignment of radio button is not proper
• PDF to PDF/A - compliance error: Real value out of range
• Line-height (spacing between lines) is not being honored for RichTextBoxField
• Invalid xref table in resultant file
• On stamping an image in the PDF- the image is being displaced and rotated
• Hanging on Save
• Blank page when saving PDF as HTML
• PDF to TIFF - Garbled characters in resultant file
• Anit-aliasing issue in PdfConverter
• Out of memory exception when saving PDF as image in Windows 7
• When PDF converted to PDF_A_1B, a blue color on image is different
• PDF output corrupted after editing
• Cannot extract all text items from a PDF
• PDF to DOC conversion issue
• PDF to PPTX: white text is missing in resultant PPTX
• PDF to PPTX - Layout issues in resultant file
• PDF to PPTX: All images on a PDF page are being rendered as a single image in PPTX slide

Other most recent bug fixes are also included in this release.

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