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Want to use your GPS data as a service?

Change the way location data is handled with “GPS data as a Service”.

As IOT and location-based apps proliferate, the challenge of managing and utilizing GPS data in a meaningful way assumes a lot of importance. The advent of API accessed mapping software such as Open Street, Google, MapQuest, etc., has revolutionized the way we use maps. A similar change is on its way as it relates to location-based data.

Currently, app developers whether they be individuals or corporations manage GPS data generated by their solutions themselves. GPS data adds up very quickly. Indexing, storage, retrieval and real-time analytics and decisioning consume a lot of resources and require considerable expertise to manage the impact on system performance. Performance optimizations and scaling are huge challenges. The costs can really add up. Logistrics offers a specialized “GPS data as a Service” that can handle the large volumes of GPS data, index, store and allow for optimal retrieval, provide real-time analytics that can be used within apps (after all it’s the analytics that matters not the data itself) and offers value-adds such as scheduling, queuing, auto-dispatch etc., based on the data analyzed.

[Our API’s]( are simple to use and require minimal effort to program. We will also be offering libraries in the near future which will make your effort even easier. Our test mode allows you to test and fix issues with your integration.


  • Currently, support GPS data handling and management via our platform. We also support geo-fences, speed reports, speed limit violation triggers and mileage reports.
  • Over the next several months we hope to add modules with the tools to support hours of service reports, hot spots illustrated on the map, most active hours, order management, dispatch, queuing, field services, mobile inventory and much more.

Solution on the Cloud

The platform is listed on AppSource from Microsoft & hosted on [Azure](;oLRx3pEDToqOsqb0qQ48rw==). We offer a free 14-day trial. Discover the power of [“GPS data as a Service”](;oLRx3pEDToqOsqb0qQ48rw==) today!

About Us

[Logistrics ]( a proprietary suite of solutions provided by Little Services Gateway Inc., Canada. Logistrics Services is the first of this kind of service and offers API’s, libraries and tools to integrate location data and obtain insights and analytics in real-time that can help drive decisions within your apps.

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