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TShape without border, but with Canvas's Pen set

Rodrigo CanellasRodrigo Canellas Member Posts: 1


I need to draw lines on a control that will be on top of another control.

After searching a while, I decided to use TShape.

I created TLine, a sub class o TShape, and I could make its border not to be drawn with 'this->Pen->Style = psClear;' in its constructor. But after that I can not draw anything else using its 'Canvas' property. For example, in 'Paint' I wrote:
this->Canvas->MoveTo(Left, Top);
this->Canvas->LineTo(Left + Width, Top + Height);

and no line was drawn.

If I delete 'this->Pen->Style = psClear;', the line is drawn.

Does anyone have any idea how can I do this?


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