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What files does an InstallScript MSI project deploy - InstallShield

Bharat LeelBharat Leel Member Posts: 5

Is there any way in InstallShield that we can identify which files need to deploy and which not on user machine basis of which option is selected by user?

We want to combine two InstallScript setup to single Basic MSI project because both setups using lot of same screens and logic even some common deployment files.

For example Simple Feature Setup is deploying file1, file2 & file3 while Advance Feature setup is deploying file4 and all the files which is deployed by Simple Feature setup.

So in new setup we will add screen where user can select whether wants to install Simple Feature or Advance Feature.

Hence my goal is if user selects Simple Feature then file4 should not deploy on user machine while selecting Advance Feature it should.



  • Himanshu MishraHimanshu Mishra Member Posts: 11

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