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Pushing NY Times ajax in an InfoWindow in google maps project

Kostas ZeimpekisKostas Zeimpekis Member Posts: 1

I am trying to push the ajax request from NY Times from a array with address and city to an infowindow of 5 markers. I have made the infowindow to work based on the title of the marker which it gats it from an array called locations, but then when I try to make a ajax request based on that set of address + city so they can appear on the infowindow, I understand that it is something that I can not figure out.

I try to save the address and the city of each marker in var streetStr and var cityStr and then concatenate them in var address Then save that address in an addListener that a function (populateInfoWindow) which is called to make the infowindow for every marker.

After that I try to make the ajax request based based on that address save it in a variable text and put the var text and last put that var text in infowindow.setContent

The project is in my Github :

After all that I understand that I have no idea what I am doing, so can you please help :)))))

How can I put inside every infowindow as content the results of that Ajax request to the NY times api for each marker.


  • Himanshu MishraHimanshu Mishra Member Posts: 11

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