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Verify string exists as key or value in Python dictionary?

Jason GardnerJason Gardner Member Posts: 1

I'm building a scraper/crawler for linux directories. in essence the program will take users input for startpoint (EX: /home/user/Pictures/) and endpoint (EX: /home/user/Pictures/) as well as a file type to scrape for (which is where my question comes in)
I'm storing acceptable file extension types in a dictionary w/ nested lists for example:

file_types = {'audio': ['mp3', 'mpa'], 'images': ['png', 'jpg']}

then obviously i would store the user input like so:

scrape_type = input("Please enter The extension youd like scraped: \n")

how would I validate that the string stored from users input exists as a either a key ('audio' or 'images' ) or as a value of any of the dictionaries keys

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