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Who still is using for pascal except for homework assignments?

Jean PetraJean Petra Member Posts: 7

I literally learned Pascal over 25 years ago.. and have never seen a practical application since. Are you using Pascal for real life usage? Or for homework?


  • ActorActor Member Posts: 447 ✭✭

    If writing programs for my personal use qualifies as real life usage then I still use it. I've been retired for 20 years and no one is paying me to keep up with new languages. I use Pascal because I'm quite familiar with it and can code quickly and accurately. In my opinion learning a new language would just not be worth the hassle.

  • Richard JasminRichard Jasmin Member Posts: 3

    ME- and I dont appreciate the slander from shitty C os developers...this isnt homework, but If I can compete with you- screw off..Im a MS level...I can teach this shit. Python in parts but I dont really pick up anything new unless I need to. FPC works fine.

  • Ozz NixonOzz Nixon USAMember Posts: 2

    I use it, I write Pascal compilers, Script Engines, Web Sites built with Said Tools, etc. I own copies of Turbo Pascal compiler and I have been working on revising it - while still reading 7.0 TPU files. I write commercial systems, desktop, mobile, server, even enterprise/mission critical solutions. At the end, the compilers produce binary .. it's just a preference of which syntax you like best. (And my compiler support Turbo Pascal, Apple Pascal and a lot of Microsoft's Quick Pascal syntax - plus C/JavaScript syntax - so I call it Modern Pascal).

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