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How can ultrafine mills increase production?

Lili  SmithLili Smith Member Posts: 13

The process of ultrafine mill work, production problems and many aspects are related, the machine is not only the quality and performance, more important is the operation of equipment, this article is to introduce, when in use, the problem how to improve the output of the machine. In order to improve the mill production capacity, we first need to understand the production process of ultrafine mill price: grinding process and winnowing process, to analysis the several problems about the production bottleneck of grinding process:
1, ultrafine grinding blade angle plays a crucial problem, some manufacturers tend to ignore the problem, the mill blade feed positions in some high, some low, the shovel shovel materials can not be accurate to the grinding position, which has a great influence on mill production;
2, grinding roller assembly of the sealing problem, which is directly related to the use of ultra-fine grinding manufacturers can be used normally, the normal production of the problem, if the grinding roller assembly cannot be effectively sealed, so the internal assembly can easily enter into powder, powder ultrafine powder machine after total achievement easy to break, it will bring very serious trouble to the normal production, it also needs to be cautious for sealing roller problems;
3, ultrafine grinding degree of wear parts, if wearing parts (i.e. grinding and grinding ring) with ordinary carbon steel, it will soon wear out, the cost of production will be such ultra-fine grinding manufacturers increase repair rate will increase, recommends that customers use the material of high manganese steel material production accessories so their relatively high degree of wear;

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