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Crushing and recycling factories make building waste into treasure

Lili  SmithLili Smith Member Posts: 13

Our company has developed and developed a series of construction waste crusher, which has greatly expanded the concept of coarse crushing and fine crushing operations. The modular installation mode maximizes the user's needs. Greatly reduce the energy consumption at startup. The crushing station can be combined into two crushing systems of coarse crushing and fine crushing according to the actual demand, and can be combined into three crushing systems of coarse, medium and fine, which has high flexibility.
The disposal of construction waste is becoming a new hot market, in order to better city building garbage disposal service, combined with our many years of international break the latest concept of crushing equipment in the development of the concept, the development of a new generation of portable crusher plant with independent intellectual property rights. Equipped with efficient diesel electric dual power system, the main engine starts with electric power, long service life and high reliability. Truly provide customers with simple, efficient, low-cost project operating hardware facilities. Simple and compact layout of facilities, expanding the space of materials stacking and transshipment. Think about what kind of life it would be if one day you were surrounded by solid waste and no flowers. Only a trailer traction, you can quickly enter the market, greatly eliminating the initial infrastructure investment, reduce the additional costs of material transportation.
Construction waste landfill is one of the most primitive and the most backward practices, lost not only farmland, homes, but also a resource. It is a product of international competitiveness. It can achieve high yield, good grain size and excellent grading effect. At the same time, it can greatly improve the recycling efficiency of solid waste, and promote the sustainable development of economic recycling. The purpose of this concept is designed with the client's position, to eliminate the broken ground leveling, environmental pollution, after the completion of the land rehabilitation, complicated and complex logistics base Jian to customers breaking barriers, as the primary solution.

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