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string compression in python (looking at repeating substrigs)

Simone MasieroSimone Masiero Member Posts: 2

Write an algorithm called best_compression(S), in Python, that takes a string S and outputs a minimal abbreviation of S. An abbreviation is constructed by replacing repeated consecutive substrings as follows: if the same substring X appears N times consecutively, then those N occurrences can be replaced by the string (X)N.
Write the best_compression(S) algorithm in a program called stringcompress that prints the best abbreviation of each line read from the standard input. For example, with these two input lines:


The program should output something like this:

Notice that the string xxxxooxxxxo may be abbreviated as (x)4oo(x)4o. However, that abbreviation is not better than the original string, which is also minimal.
i think dynamic programming could work well

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