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getting segmentation fault error in C++

Vaibhav GuptaVaibhav Gupta bangaloreMember Posts: 1

getting segmentation fault in C++ code
I am new to c++, working on my company's assignment my c++ code is giving me segmentation fault error, even debug is not detecting the exact error, please help me in this.


FetchingAndSortingFiles *fileParamToSort;
std::vector l_vecOfFileSortingOrderValues;
ABL_String m_lobName; //ABL_String is defined in framework ,it's just std::string
ABL_String m_CategoryName;
ABL_String m_langName;
ABL_String m_filename;
int m_numOfPages;
unsigned int m_parentAccountCode;
unsigned int m_childAccountCode;
unsigned int m_postalCode;
ABL_String filename;
ABL_String m_dirname;
std::vector l_unsortedFileList;


//mb_process() I am calling from main function from another file.
bool FetchingAndSortingFiles::mb_process()
// in below function I am fetching 3 files, , and storing in l_unsortedFileList vector


std::cout<<"l_unsortedFileListSize======="<<l_unsortedFileList.size()<<std::endl; //giving size 3

// allocating the memory equivalent to the size of vector,i think here i am committing the some mistake
fileParamToSort=new FetchingAndSortingFiles[l_unsortedFileList.size()];
for (int m_ifileIndex = 0; m_ifileIndex < l_unsortedFileList.size(); m_ifileIndex++)
filename =(l_unsortedFileList[m_ifileIndex]);
std::cout<<" filename====="<< filename<<std::endl; //giving first file which is
//in below function mb_extractDelimitedValues I am taking file one by one and segregating them based on delimiter ''
for example- if i take first file GSM_GOVT_ALL_12341_4158_103 then segregating them through delimeter '
' and then storing GSM ,GOVT ,ALL, 12341,4158,103 in vector l_vecOfFileSortingOrderValues like below
l_vecOfFileSortingOrderValues = FetchingAndSortingFiles::mb_extractDelimitedValues(filename,'_');
//in below code i am retreiving the values GSM ,GOVT ,ALL, 12341,4158,103 and so on from vector and storing them in fileParamToSort pointer ,m_direcDate,numOfPages values i am getting from another functions
if (l_vecOfFileSortingOrderValues.size() ==6)
fileParamToSort[m_ifileIndex].m_lobName = l_vecOfFileSortingOrderValues[0].mb_getSTLString();
fileParamToSort[m_ifileIndex].m_CategoryName = l_vecOfFileSortingOrderValues[1].mb_getSTLString();
fileParamToSort[m_ifileIndex].m_langName = l_vecOfFileSortingOrderValues[2].mb_getSTLString();
fileParamToSort[m_ifileIndex].m_parentAccountCode =atoi(( l_vecOfFileSortingOrderValues[3].mb_getSTLString()).c_str());
fileParamToSort[m_ifileIndex].m_childAccountCode = atoi((l_vecOfFileSortingOrderValues[4].mb_getSTLString()).c_str());
fileParamToSort[m_ifileIndex].m_postalCode = atoi((l_vecOfFileSortingOrderValues[5].mb_getSTLString()).c_str());
fileParamToSort[m_ifileIndex].m_numOfPages =numOfPages;

*m_ABL_ServicePtr<< DEBUG <<"file "<<filename<<"is not in correct format"<<Endl;
delete [] fileParamToSort;
return false;
}//for loop ends

in destructor in same file

delete [] fileParamToSort;


Segmentation fault (core dumped)



  • Tyson BlairTyson Blair Member Posts: 35

    Hum the problem is after std::cout<<"fileParamToSort======="<<fileParamToSort<<std::endl; but it would be hard to find the exact place, you could add code to the files to output messages after each line of code to try to track down where the problem is.

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