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What is wrong with my code

Daft PikinDaft Pikin Member Posts: 4

So I am taking some challenges to help me with learning python but I am having issues with this one on data structures.

I am suppose to write a function for removing duplicates in a string and then return the new string with the number of strings dropped. My code does this quite alright but I still get an error. something about incorrect output type, and assertError.

this is the exact error I am getting:

1 . test_output_1

Failure in line 16, in test_output_1 self.assertEqual(self.result1,
('abc', 5), msg='Incorrect output') AssertionError: Incorrect output

this is the test

import unittest

class RemoveDuplicatesTestCases(unittest.TestCase):
def setUp(self):
  self.result1 = remove_duplicates('aaabbbac')
  self.result2 = remove_duplicates('a')
  self.result3 = remove_duplicates('thelexash')

def test_output_1(self):
  self.assertIsInstance(self.result1, tuple, msg='Incorrect output type')
  self.assertEqual(self.result1, ('abc', 5), msg='Incorrect output')

def test_output_2(self):
  self.assertIsInstance(self.result2, tuple, msg='Incorrect output type')
  self.assertEqual(self.result2, ('a', 0), msg='Incorrect output')

def test_output_3(self):
  self.assertIsInstance(self.result3, tuple, msg='Incorrect output type')
  self.assertEqual(self.result3, ('aehlstx', 2), msg='Incorrect output')

and here is my code

def remove_duplicates(string):
  assert (type(string) == str)
  new_string = ''.join(set(string))
  length = len(string) - len(new_string)

  for char in string:
     if char in "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz":
        return (new_string, int(length))
  return (new_string, length)

I am kinda new to the whole python thingy



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