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I'm trying to create a file with all possible outcomes of tic tac toe and store it?

rishi_swethanrishi_swethan chennaiMember Posts: 1

I'm trying to store more than 512 combinations of a game somewhere locally on my hard drive. If I store it in a text file like I normally do, I wouldint be able to access the n'th combination easily. Is there any database kind of thing where i can store it kind of like XL sheets, or tables. I'm a complete noob at database related things. So even basic things you suggest will be helpful. I'll be using java for this

Note on the game:- I'm trying to store all possible combinations of a tic tac toe game. Say I store one combination as "xoooxooox". There are 512 combinations possible for this(2^9). Having it stored line by line in a text file is not that great to access the n'th combination. So, can you guys give me a clue on how to store it locally on my hard drive as i said before...!

I guess i'll write the code to do this. But just help me on the storage part!

Thanks in advance!

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