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Multiple XML data in datagridview

Simdi_JinkinsSimdi_Jinkins NigeriaMember Posts: 1
edited April 2016 in C#

My query to a large Xml Database

var query = DOC.Descendants("entry").Where(f => f.Element("url").Value.Contains("example"));
returns multiple xml Data

I display the data using a richtextbox

foreach (XElement result in query) {richTextBox1.Text += Environment.NewLine + Environment.NewLine + result; }
One xml data looks like this:

<entry> <url><![CDATA[</url> <phish_id>3779980</phish_id> <phish_detail_url></phish_detail_url> <details> <detail> <ip_address></ip_address> <cidr_block></cidr_block> <announcing_network>6849</announcing_network> <rir>ripencc</rir> <detail_time>2016-01-24T01:00:58+00:00</detail_time> </detail> </details> <submission> <submission_time>2016-01-22T22:42:56+00:00</submission_time> </submission> <verification> <verified>yes</verified> <verification_time>2016-03-28T14:15:01+00:00</verification_time> </verification> <status> <online>yes</online> </status> <target>Internal Revenue Service</target> </entry>
As you can see its rather complex,some of the Children nodes have other children that contain values. My Questions are :
1) How can i put all this values neatly into a Datagridview.
2) There are multiple of this exact format of xml.How can i add each as a new column in the Datagrid.
3)How can i improve performance as my queries may return more than 50 of this xml data.

Please Help me.Thank you in Advance.

What I have tried:

I have tried the following code:

foreach (XElement result in query)


        string display = result.ToString();

        XmlReader xmlFile;
        xmlFile = XmlReader.Create(new StringReader( display));
        DataSet ds = new DataSet();


            dataGridView1.DataSource = ds.Tables[0];


But it only displays the last XmlData and not all the values.Please Help.Thanks in advance

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