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Creative Coding as a career

TinSoldier5000TinSoldier5000 the moonMember Posts: 1

Hey everyone,

I've got a career question I need some assistance with. Im 27 and have been working hard in the film industry for the past 5 years but am thinking of making the move into a different career. Film isn't bad, but its a flooded market, especially with the accessibility of cheaper technology these days and its an unstable career, regardless of talent. Being a creative person with skill in both music and visuals, the idea of a more computer based creative career seems like a possibility. I've been researching creative coding and I feel like we may be at a very interesting time with the emergence of virtual reality, advancing AI, machine learning etc and wonder if creative coding may be a very employable and in demand creative skill over the coming decades.

So my two questions really are: a) do you think creative coding can equate to a career, or is it the same as saying you want to be a successful musician..i.e really more of a hobby than an actual career except for a very lucky few. b) given that I am basically brand new to the world of coding, is it too late to start at 27, and given my disadvantage in age would I have trouble getting good jobs?

Thanks for all your advice, much appreciated.

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