c version

i am starting c today so i was thinking which c version is better to work with?


  • plz refer one
    borland or turbo

  • Depends what platform you have.

    The easiest compiler to use is gcc on Linux, because it's always ready installed, and it works straight from the shell. You just open emacs or another editor, write your program, save it, then type gcc hello.c (or whatever your program is. You then type ./a.out to run and test it.

    With other systems there's a certain amount of messing about, first installing the compiler, then setting up project files. unfortunately some compiler have quirks which can be very confusing to the beginner - MS Visual Studio warns about the standard string library. Whilst they are right that it can be source of exploits, that's irrelevant for a beginners environment. It also tends to open a command prompt, run the program, and close it. So you can see your "hello world" flash by.

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