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Sending binary data from Matlab to FPGA using the serial port

isamel85isamel85 canadaMember Posts: 5

In fact, I'm working on a project which aims to implement a reconfigurable Zigbee tranceiver on XUPV5-LX110T Evaluation platform which integrates a Virtex 5 FPGA. I am currently in the phase of real test, so now I just want to test my transmitter.
First, I want to send my binary data from Matlab (computer) to FPGA. The medium of communication is the RS232 serial link. Is there a solution in Matlab (communication protocol) that sends a binary stream on this port knowing my main entrance on FPGA is 4 bits?
Secondly, how to create a PRBS (Pseudo Random Binary Sequence) in Matlab (an output of 4 bits) to integrate it into the communication protocol?
And thank you in advance for everyone.

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