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Encryption of Twine cipher 80-bit key matlab code repair

jasmina2222jasmina2222 kicevoMember Posts: 2

Can you help me repair the code (1).rar
this is wrong with the code To start with, the following lines are incorrect:


This way, you read 2 hexadecimal digits (8 bits) from the table, then
assign the first digit (left 4 bits) to CONSTH, and the second digit
(right 4 bits) to CONSTL. However, in section 2.3 of the algorithm, it
says the round constant is 6 bits and CONSTH is the left 3 bits and
CONSTL is the right 3 bits:
CONi(6) = CONiH(3) || CONiL(3)
and then when processing both CONSTH and CONSTL are padded with a '0' on
the left side.

You work on hex digits rather than bits, which is conceptually correct,
but wrong in terms of coding


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