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Know How to Repair Outlook PST Files Over 2GB That Does Not Open Anymore!

MarkfromRTMarkfromRT New York CityPosts: 3Member

The article discusses the occurrence and reason of 2GB corruption in PST files, way to recognize the corruption as well as suggests methods as how to repair Outlook PST file over 2GB size. At the end RecoveryTools Outlook Recovery is advised to yield better results or if built-in tool fails.

MS Outlook is one of the most popular and widely used email programs across the globe either independently or with Exchange Server. However it may be that different people might use its diverse release as there are multiple editions available. The latest being 2013 whereas other lower releases are 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 and many more. Its popularity lays in the fact that it offers user friendly, simple and easy interface. A user need not be tech savvy to utilize it; moreover other than emails it renders storage for contacts, calendars, tasks, journals, etc keeping danger at bay.

But the fact is that if not handled properly anything can get corrupted, same is the case with Outlook. If using Outlook 2002, the most prominent cause that disables access of data is corruption of the Personal Folders due to file size nearby 2GB. It is then that the query as how to repair Outlook PST files over 2GB size arises.

Usually PST files in Outlook 2002 and lower releases get corrupt if its size approaches 2GB. This result in inaccessibility of data items like emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, journals or anything that might have been stored within files of .pst format. Unavailability of data is a hazardous situation as data matters a lot and has its own importance. Therefore it gets significantly important to know as how to repair Outlook PST files over 2GB that got damaged. But before that it is important to recognize if the file went corrupt due to its large size. Familiarization with 2GB Corruption

On using Outlook 2002 if error with the message as given below prompts up then the reason of corruption gets confirmed.

“Errors have been detected in the file . Quit all mail-enabled applications, and then use the Inbox Repair Tool”; where is the path to the PST file.

Q. Why 2GB corruption issues arise in Outlook 2002 and not in versions later than it?

A. This may be the query of many and the answer to it is that the maximum size limit of PST file in it is 2GB, so when size approaches the maximum boundary the error occurs while opening Outlook, whereas the storage capacity has been increased in later releases.

How to Repair Outlook PST Files Over 2GB? Explained

By Inbox Repair Tool Usage– It is one of the options available to retrieve data by repairing PST files as the error itself suggests using it which is also known as scanpst.exe. But the problem is that it does not work when the size of Personal Storage Table is near about or more than 2GB. This in turn gives rise to usage of 2GB truncation utility so as to reduce the size of file. Thereafter the Outlook suggested tool can be used to validate/correct errors in the internal data structures by analyzing directory structure and item headers of PST file. Moreover as Personal Folders file is a database file, thence BTrees structures and reference counts are checked and repaired as needed.

However, the tool has some advantages and disadvantages remarked below:

Its Advantages

  1. It gets installed automatically with the installation of MS Office or Outlook, hence extra work to download it is avoided.

  2. SCANPST utility is available free of cost.

  3. It creates backup of the Personal Folders file before repair so that even if the process fails, the original copy is still available for repair.

Its Disadvantages

  1. If SCANPST determines that a specific block of the structure or table is unreadable or corrupted it removes it.

  2. If the block is a part of specific item in Outlook, the item gets removed on validation.

  3. Inbox Repair Tool does not prove to be successful all the time.

Even if it gets success, it is not able to retrieve truncated data. Hence, data loss occurs due to the limitation of 2GB truncation utility mentioned in the section below.

Restrictions of Truncation Utility

The tool cuts short the file between 20 to 25 megabytes less than 2 GB to increase working space. The truncated data is removed from the new copy, hence results in data loss.

The other limitation is that free space of 2GB in hard drive is required to make its copy first

Note – Due to numerous cons associated with SCANPST, the method is generally avoided in spite of its pros offered.

Third Party Tool - So to recover email data from large sized Outlook PST file that got damaged, an external utility is suggested to be brought in use. Out of many recovery options at doorstep, the one that can be used is RecoveryTools Outlook Recovery. This is because it does not carry any limitation that is met with in scanpst.exe as well as eases the process.

Author Bio – The Company has made a remarkable entry in data recovery industry with its result oriented applications. Its one tool is Outlook Recovery that best answers the query as how to repair Outlook PST files over 2GB size that got corrupt.

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