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God makes all things possible!

tienkhoanguyentienkhoanguyen houPosts: 158Member

A long time ago (maybe over 20 years ago), I heard a saying that "Those who cannot do, teach!" Well, today, I have realize that it is not that way at all. After having some experience in the field, I now know you must first know something in order to teach it.


  • IcepickleIcepickle GermanyPosts: 49Member
    edited August 13

    though yes, the name is programmersheaven, i'm not sure it's the heaven you are pointing for :)


    if (!(Object.ReferenceEquals(God, Allah) || Object.ReferenceEquals(God, Zeus) || Object.ReferenceEquals(God, TheFlyingSpaghettiMonster)) {
        // write why yours would be better than the other ones??
    } else {
        // who is to say your version of written rules is the correct one to follow?
  • tienkhoanguyentienkhoanguyen houPosts: 158Member

    Yes, you are right. You are correct in saying that each person has a right to believe in what they wish. haha I am only a beginning Borland Turbo C 2.01 programmer. Maybe one day I have more authorities and knowledge I can say what each person should do. For the time being, I am a peon haha

  • tienkhoanguyentienkhoanguyen houPosts: 158Member

    Did you know that Borland Turbo C 2.01 misbehave when you do not formally declare header files? It is true, I have to explicitly declare using #include or else I get errors. So even with compilers never assume anything. Declare it out in the open and you have no problems. That way it is on record with the compiler and everything goes smooth.

  • IcepickleIcepickle GermanyPosts: 49Member

    how else would the compiler know where your references come from if you don't tell it?

  • tienkhoanguyentienkhoanguyen houPosts: 158Member

    You are correct again. I thought that the compiler automatically does it for you. Yes, I am still learning from scratch. I am starting on Assembly language as well too. C is fast however I just want to see it maxed out. However, I am starting out easy with 16-bit compilers. It is easy for me to program in 16-bit. I do not know if I will ever graduate to higher levels. However, for now I am having fun doing simple text outputs. Thanks for the reply.

  • tienkhoanguyentienkhoanguyen houPosts: 158Member

    Did you know that Borland gives these stuffs out for free as long as you get the old version dating back over 20 years? For instance, Turbo C 2.01 is free. Someone mentioned that the old Turbo Assembler back in the days about that same time is free as well. These days, they use 64-bit stuffs and it is way too advanced for me. 3D graphics and such are out of my league!

  • tienkhoanguyentienkhoanguyen houPosts: 158Member

    When my father, Nguyen Binh Thuy, was alive he always taught me to be practical. He always wanted me to be an Engineer. He said if I could not be one, I prefers that I be a programmer. So now a days I program for the remainder of my life to remember him. Even though my mother is still living, she wants me to be on my own, so I try to be good enough one day to earn enough to buy her a house. I am on welfare however I try to study online whenever I could. So with Borland giving away Turbo C 2.01 it is nice. I have tried out other stuffs like Borland Turbo Assember 5.0 as well, however, it takes too long to program in low-level language like that. So Borland Turbo C 2.01 is a nice balance. High-level languages such as BASIC is just too slow for my taste. However, it is a nice way to learn and start. So my mom, Huong Thi Vu works hard. She never graduated however she does what she can to bring in a living and so when she nags and gets on my nerves I just have to put up with it. She is a hard worker doing entry level work. So hopefully with grace, I will be able to pass enough to buy my mother a house so she can retire and be happy before she is too old to enjoy it.

  • tienkhoanguyentienkhoanguyen houPosts: 158Member

    Praise and all glory to my God, Jesus Christ! Seeing that I do not have enough talent to bring in the income to support myself or my family, I am glad Jesus Christ allows my family enough talent to support us. Thank you Jesus Christ for that. I could be out in the streets laying on the pavement if it were not for my two parents working to bring in the living we need thanks to Jesus Christ! Each day I wake up and have all I ever need and want is a blessing!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Jesus Christ.

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