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Error C2059: syntax error: "="

MrPigeonMrPigeon AustraliaPosts: 8Member

Hey guys, I'm just trying to write a fairly simple program for a University course on procedural programming but when I try to compile I get the message Error C2059: syntax error: "=" for lines 34 and 37.

I'm unsure as how to format code on this website and since the program fits nicely into one screenshot I have uploaded it to imgur:

Sorry if the answer is blindingly obvious but any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers


  • tienkhoanguyentienkhoanguyen houPosts: 158Member

    /* God, Jesus Christ, is number one! / / This program has been edited by Tien Khoa Nguyen */

    int main(void){

    double velocity = 0, distance = 0, time = 0, acceleration, gForce = 0;

    double INITIAL_VELOCITY = 0.0;


    printf("Jet Fighter Program 1.0\n");

    printf("Please enter the jet's required takeoff speed(km/hr): "); scanf("%f", &velocity);

    printf("Please enter the available distance on the aircraft carrier's dock(metres): "); scanf("%f", &distance);

    time = distance /velocity;

    acceleration = (velocity - INITIAL_VELOCITY) / time;

    printf("The acceleration of the jet when launched from the aircraft carrier will be: %f", acceleration); printf("The time it took for the jet to be accelerated to takeoff speed will be: %f", time); printf("During takeoff, the jet will be sujected to %f g-forces", gForce);

    return 0; }

  • tienkhoanguyentienkhoanguyen houPosts: 158Member

    Jesus Christ!hehe

    Each compiler is different. I noticed the scanf is a little different in your version. Also I would recommend not using define. Instead, use a formal declaration inside the int main(). It keeps it all in one place. The header in my case is declared as #include <stdafx.h> However, I do not have such a library.

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