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How to develop a Google Chrome Browser Extension

ginualexginualex kottayamMember Posts: 109
                  The video tutorial, we will show you how to develop a Google chrome browser extension.

                   YouTube video link address::::::::::::::::::::


  • ashish1521ashish1521 usaMember Posts: 2

    How can i develop an extension for another browser based on Blink rendering engine?
    for Slimjet


  • nsmllcnsmllc ParsippanyMember Posts: 2

    1)All Chrome extensions require a manifest file, we’ll create a manifest.json file,
    2)Next we’ll need an HTML page to show when a user clicks our Browser Action, so we’ll create a popup.html file and a popup.js file
    3)create the user interface that our Browser Action will display when it is clicked
    4)Implement the logic,Test it out.
    For more...

    Raghava Rao

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