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Session in C#

mohitkumarmohitkumar indiaPosts: 14Member

What is A Session in ASP.NET * Definition: Session is a Server side statemanagement technique by using which we can * able to persist data. * Session Management can be done in 2 modes.

  • 1.InProc 2.OutProc
  • InProc: in the InProc mode Session data is stored in the IIS or WebServer memory.
  • OutProc: in the OutProc mode session data is stored outside of IIS or Webserver.
  • OutProc mode can be again devided into 2 types.

  • a.StateServer Mode b. SQLServer mode.

  • StateServer : In the StateServer mode the session data is stored in the StateServer
  • which can be in the same server where IIS is located or it can be in another
  • remote computer. StateServer is a service only but not a physical device.
  • SQLServer mode: In the sqlserver mode the Session data is stored in the SQLServer database.
  • Q1:When to Use InProc and When to Use OutProc Session modes?
  • Ans: when your application is following a Webfarming or webGardening model you
  • should use OutProc mode. Depending on the requirement you can choose StateServer or
  • SQLServer mode but SQLServer mode is more reliable than StateServer mode.
  • Q2:How your Session usually works?
  • Ans: When a request coming from the Client for any webpage for the firstTime
  • IIS Creates a sessionID for each client. This sessionID sent to Client in a cookie
  • called sessionCookie. This session cookie will be traversed always from client to
  • server and then back to client from server.
  • Q3:What if a Cookie is explicitly disabled by Client?
  • If client explicitly disables cookies then we can able to send the SessionId
  • in a cookie less session means our sessionID will be attached to the Url
  • and the SessionID will be visible in the address bar.

  • Q4: What is the problem with Cookie less session

  • Ans: Cookie less session is insecured. and if you share your application url with
  • others your SessionId will not be having security and others can able to change
  • your session data.

  • Q5: Is it mandataory to store only serializable data into the Session Memory?

  • Ans: No . But incase of Outproc memory if State Server or Sql Server
  • present in a remote machine then it is mandatory to store only serializable data
  • into the session memory.

  • Q6: What is the default session timeout in case of Inproc session?

  • Ans: 20 minutes.

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