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How to recover photos, contacts, text messages and videos from Android

Cyril1990Cyril1990 New York CityMember Posts: 0

How to Recover Deleted Photos From Android Phone
“Any way to perform Android phone recovery ? I had a photo of me and my friend, now he is in another country,i deleted all my photos on my android phone, is there any way of recovering it?…” This was asked by someone on I’ve noticed this post has been already solved, however, I think there still have better answers.

[B][I]Remember:[/I][/B] the more you are using the android phone the less chance you have to get photos back. When something is deleted it is not really deleted untill it is over written. When you delete photos or videos the file data itself isn’t deleted, just the index entry that says where the data for those files is located. The space containing the deleted files is also now marked as free space so it is available to the system for any new files to be written there instead. If and when that happens, then it becomes too late to recover your deleted photos so it is very, very important to not save any new files or data to the device concerned. This happened to me once and i found software to retrieve them and it did work but most of the pictures were only pieces of the pixture because they had been overwritten onto already but not fully.

One of the easiest ways to see if you can do cell phone data recovery is to try some 'photo' recovery software. There are many such products available, both commercial and free – also of varying quality! A good tip is to try the free trial version of a good commercial product that will scan the device for deleted files and show you exactly what video files can be recovered. At least that will show you if you can recover them at all or if it’s too late already. Tenorshare Photo Recovery (Free Download Tenorshare Anmdroid Data Recovery ) is such great tool that help to recover photos without any data loss. It's very easy to use Tenorshare Android Data Recovery, 4 steps in simple terms. First, download this tool and install on your computer. Second, connect your android phone with pc, then choose the android phone disk to scan, you can preview the photos after scanning. At last, choose the photos you need, click "Recover", all the photos will be recovered!

Still looking for ways on how to recover deleted photos from android phone? Please stop here, you will get your desired answer.

Well, the answer is very simple-Tenorshare Photo Recovery, all popular mobile phone can be recover!




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