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creating buttons for user input

manit123manit123 Member Posts: 3

My aim is to illustrate lissajous figure of CRO.
The concept is to plot a locus of point whose x & y coordinate vary with time.
In the code given below I have put x=sin(constant x t) , y=cos(1.5 x constant x t)

Fs = 8000; % samples per second
dt = 1/Fs; % seconds per sample
StopTime = 6.00; % seconds
t = (0:dt:StopTime-dt)'; % seconds
%% Sine wave:
Fc = 80; % hertz
c = -pi:.04:pi;
cx = sin(piFct);
cy = cos(1.5piFc*t);
axis on, axis equal
line(cx, cy, 'color', [.4 .4 .8],'LineWidth',3);
title('sine on x , cos on y ','Color',[.6 0 0])
hold on
while (1)
for t = 1:length(t)
x(2) = cx(t);
y(2) = cy(t);
t = (0:dt:StopTime-dt)';

I have 3 questions
(1)If you will run this , you will see (other than a nice double boomerang animation) a red dot at origin in graph which I want to avoid.
(2)I want to create a slider button for user which replaces 1.5 in above . This way , when slider=1 you will see circle , as frequency multiplies you will see more vertically side by side loops . As frequency diminishes to fraction loop will appear horizontally stacked.
(3)it would be more exciting if there is a slider for changing phase difference .Currently it is 90 degree . As it will decreases the ellipse flattens. becomes straight line for 0 degree.

Thank You.
Eagerly waiting for your reply.

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