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Stack as a parameter

_al3xis_al3xis GreeceMember Posts: 0
edited March 2014 in Java Beginners

Hi everyone.
I am implemmenting an avl tree in java.
I use a Stack to store the path of inserting a new node.
I use it then as a parameter in a method like this:

public void update(Stack<Node> path) 
    Stack<Node> temp = path;

        Node node = temp.pop();
        node.height = height(node);

After the excecution, my path is empty.
Shouldn't it be just the temp empty?
I also tryed declaring the temp path before calling the method and using the temp as a parameter for the method.
Same thing happened. After the excecution, my path is empty.
Can anyone help me, please?
Please excuse my bad English.

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