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Accessing MS Access 2003 from VB6

It has been a long time since I wrote any code so please excuse the naming conventions and the novice coding.
In VB6 I have successfully opened an MS Access 2003 database with the following code

Public Sub OpenDatabase()
Dim Msg As String

DbOpened = True
MyFile = App.Path & "\PrintDir.MDB" ' Define name of database.
On Error GoTo OpenDatabase_eh
Set MyWorkspace = Workspaces(0)

' Open database.
Set MyDatabase = MyWorkspace.OpenDatabase(MyFile)
Exit Sub

Later on I successfully update the database with the following code

Public Function UpdateDatabase(strFileName As String)
Dim intErrNbr As Integer
Dim Msg As String
Dim strErr As String
Dim a As Integer
On Error GoTo UpdateDatabase_eh

If strFileName = "" Then
Exit Function
End If
Set MyTable = MyDatabase.OpenRecordset("FileInfo", dbOpenDynaset)

MyTable![FileName] = strFileName

gstrFileName = ""
glngFileSize = 0
gvarFileDateCreated = ""
gstrFileComments = ""


Exit Function


intErrNbr = Err
strErr = Error
Msg = "Err = " & intErrNbr & ", Error = " & strErr & vbCrLf & vbCrLf
Msg = Msg & " " & gstrFileName
MsgBox Msg, vbCritical
On Error GoTo 0

End Function

However, when I try to delete the table entries, not the table, before I update the table I get error 2075, "The operation requires an open database".

Private Function DeleteTableContents()
Dim strMsg As String
Dim intAns As Integer
Dim DSQL As String
Dim intDCount As Integer
Dim xclSQL As String

On Error GoTo DeleteTableContents_eh
Set MyTable = MyDatabase.OpenRecordset("FileInfo", dbOpenDynaset)
DSQL = "DELETE * FileInfo.FileName FROM FileInfo "
DSQL = DSQL & "WHERE Not FileInfo.FileName = Xtest.jpg" '& "isnull"
'doCmd.SetWarnings False
'doCmd.SetWarnings True
Exit Function
MsgBox "DeleteTableContents - Error Number = " & Err.Number & ", Error Description = " & Err.Description
Resume Exit_DeleteTableContents

End Function

Can anyone see what I am missing?


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