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counting input characters -- help request

wassupwassup earthPosts: 0Member


below program count input letters and numbers, but few things are not going as i planned:

  1. when input like: 33 - it display twice comment instead last count

    Letters: 0
    Numbers: 5
    Letters: 0
    Numbers: 6
  1. i would like to stop it when last char is repeated 3 times.

can you help please?

` cout<<"Input letters or numbers.\n"; char zn;

int count_l=0, count_c=0;


    if((zn<=122 && zn>=97) || (zn<=90 && zn>=65))

            cout<<"Chars: \nLetters: "<<count_l<<endl;
    if(zn<=57 && zn>=48)
    cout<<"Chars: \nLetters: "<<count_l<<"\nNumbers: "<<count_c<<endl;

return 0; }



  • pseudocoderpseudocoder Posts: 688Member ✭✭✭

    The odds of count_l being '3' are probably not that high since you've initialized it to zero. It would take 51 characters to satisfy the test condition of count_l == '3'

    I'd try cin.get and use the new line char to display your output of digits and / or characters.

    while(cz = cin.get())
        if(cz >= '0' && cz <= '9')
        // letters check
        if(cz == '\n')
            // output digits and / or character count
            // reset count_c and count_l to 0
            // if wanted, check some other var for being '3'
            // or use break; statement here to exit while loop
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