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C# console application

cowgirl1996cowgirl1996 United StatesPosts: 6Member

I'm extremely new to C# and having a very hard time with this one. Any and all help is greatly appreciated! The more detailed the help the better because I'm pretty lost on this one.

Write a C# console application for a furniture company. Ask the user to choose P for pine, O for oak, and M for mahogany. Show the price of a table manufactured with the chosen wood. Pine tables cost $100, oak tables cost $225, and mahogany tables cost $310. If the user enters something other than P, O or M, set the price to $0. Save your program as Furniture.cs.

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  • cowgirl1996cowgirl1996 United StatesPosts: 6Member

    This is what I have so far: using namespace furniture;

    int main() { int a,b,c; double r; char ch,o,m,p;


    cout<< "Enter your spending limit."<<endl; cin>>b; cout<< "Please choose between Pine, Oak, Mahoganhi."<<endl; cin>>ch;

    switch(ch) {

    case 'p':

    a = 100; do { r=c+a; cout<<r<<endl; c=r; } while(r!=b); break;

    case 'o': a=225;

    do { r=c+a; cout<<r<<endl; c=r; } while(r!=b); break;

    case 'm':

    a=350; do { r=c+a; cout<<r<<endl; c=r; } while(r!=b); break; }

    return 0; } } }

  • cowgirl1996cowgirl1996 United StatesPosts: 6Member

    Yes something very similar, but all I need to do is have them pick a type of wood and display the price for that wood.

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