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How can I calculate the difference between two dates using PHP?

NickFNickF USAMember Posts: 132
edited January 2014 in PHP

I have two dates in 2 variables in my web app as follows:

Start Date: 11-28-2002 
End Date: 09-06-2008

How can I find the difference of these 2 dates and separate the years, months and days using PHP?



  • DavidMDavidM USAMember Posts: 342
    edited January 2014
    $startDate = new DateTime("2002-11-28");
    $endDate = new DateTime("2008-09-06");
    $difference = $startDate ->diff($endDate);
    // Show the total number of days
    echo "difference " . $difference ->days . " days ";

    You can use $difference->y to get the answer in years and $difference->m to get the answer in months.

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