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Multiplying two large numbers in Turbo Pascal

jokarcsjokarcs iranPosts: 1Member

Hello friends, I am new in turbo pascal and I want to write a code that multiplies two large numbers each has 20 digits. I think I should use arrays, right?!
Thanks for you help.


  • StupidKidStupidKid VietnamPosts: 7Member

    you should use string instead. I will post the full answer tomorrow cause I'm too busy now

  • StupidKidStupidKid VietnamPosts: 7Member

    this function is quite hard to understand so you should read it carefully. in this function, "Add" is a function to plus two numbers in string. It's easy so you can write it yourself.

    Function multiply(a,b : string): string;
    Var sum,temp : string;
         m,i,j : integer;
     m:=-1; sum:='';
     for i:=length(a) downto 1 do
         for j:=1 to ord(a[i])-48 do tmp:=add(tmp,b);
         for j:=1 to m do tmp:=tmp+'0';
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