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HELP!! Excel to textbox.

ThaagaardThaagaard Mariestad SwedenMember Posts: 1

I have a Excel file with X rows and 5 columns with informations about some cars.
I make a webbrower in Visual C# and put up a webb page with 5 fields and a button.
I like to make a button in my web browser that open up the Excel file and copy cell by cell to paste in the fields on the webpage and then press the buttun to update the database on the site. Then it should go to the next row in Excel file to copy that row. Everytime the button is pressed it should check up if A column have any data. If the data is null it stop running and give the control back to me.

Can SOMEONE please help me.

I have made a webcontrol and a button to log in to a page. I have made a button to open a specific excel book. But then I get stuck.

Please help.


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