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New section idea

VmortisVmortis Member Posts: 1

Hi, I’m new to the forum and i think i had an idea for a good sticky thread/ new section.

(In a hurry? jump to the arrow, 3rd paragraph.)

First let me explain why i had this idea:
I'm a Computer Science student and at the last semester of the curse we have a class that's called "Project" and guess what its the goal there?? Yes, to make a project! And so it all started with the first question any student has when he must develop some project/assignment about anything he wants "What should it be about??"

From there i just went jumping forum to forum (IT, Programming, new tech...) reading some good posts and more important (than the information i gather) i realized that there’s actually a good community willing to help each other and that's what i need Help!
In all those forums i saw a lot of quick ask and answer topics for new programmers, topics for the discussion of "all" kinds of hardware and software, job offerings...
But i still didn't found what i would like to. And i think a lot of people in a similar situation could benefit from.

---> It would be like a thinking tank/brainstorming place for people with experience to give a kick start for those who are new to some level of IT (Programming, Web Design, Networking, Hardware related and so on...)

To help others jumping into the Job Market/achieve success.

We already have the community and some forums even have a job offer section, they (you) already know whats needed to make it as .

As i said, maybe a sticky thread to start with and later a section divided by topics on the most needed skills.

I'll give you my example to start with:

I'd like to do a project related to OOP, (Object Oriented Programming) my preferred languages are Java and C++.

Putting it like this my be a little vague... but that’s exactly my point here. I want to show my skills in OOP and at the same time i would like to do something useful. Create some app/system for others, make a good "portfolio" so companies could see what i have to offer them. But I’m not sure what would or wouldn’t be a good idea to get my hands-on.

Instead of asking this in a general discussion area maybe there should be a place just for this.
Where instead of people posting a job offer they would say "If you do , we can discuss a position in my company/office" or "At this moment may have great potential". And if some one needs tips on how to make his own project work for him (to profit or to get a job) this would be the place to ask that... to get some sense of direction.

I hope you can get the right picture here.

Thank you!

PS – I really want to do a project related to OOP, so u can reply about that.
Also if you know some source of information like what i had described please refer it because i should have missed it on my research.

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