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Convert a .com to a .exe ?

BillBill Posts: 0Member

I have several legacy command codes ( which cannot be run under Windows 7. If I could convert them to executable equivalents (progname.exe), I could continue to use them. I believe there were conversion programs that could convert a .com file to a .exe file years ago. Can anyone tell me where how I might get one ?


  • OceanJeff40OceanJeff40 Posts: 9Member

    seems to me you could just google for an .exe to do the same thing the .com did...? what are the utilities? probably free. you can always try the, and put together an x86 assembly code from that (if small program, or if you have a lot of time on your hands and know what you're doing, if it's large...?!) and then re-assemble as an .exe. So I guess it depends on what the .com programs are, and what are they used to do, and how large are they?

  • OceanJeff40OceanJeff40 Posts: 9Member

    Oops, I just tried debug, and forgot it's only for x86 computers, I have an 64-bit CPU, this might mess things up a bit.

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