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How can I manage my Voip Phone calls (HangUp) through an API in JavaScript

robert_andersonrobert_anderson Member Posts: 0

I would like to connect Softphones with each other.

I would like to check what phone calls are being in progress in the system, more precisely, between the actual phones.
If it is possible, I would like a solution for the case when any of the participants calls the other, I -as a third participant (as an owner)- will receive a notification immediately about the call and its datas.

It would be even better if I had more control in the actions, for example, I would like to interrupt or hang up the call in particular cases.
I found a really good solution for this(, but I can't step further.
It works until it is written, when I connect two softphones (Bria) to the system, and I call from one of them the other one, then it shows the popup that I have written based on the example.

But how can I solve that, if I want to hang up or interrupt the call, for example, by the action of pressing a button?
Based on the example, I get until this part (The other codes are unvaried in comparison to the downloaded "full example code"). The Popup is shown, but I don't know how could I hang up the call.

function showPopUp(caller, callee, direction, state){
    if ($("#NoficationPopup").length > 0){
        /*update the GUI labels*/
        $('<div id="NoficationPopup" title=\"' + direction + '\">' +
                '<div align=left>' +
                    '<label id="lbCaller">Caller: '+caller+'</label> <BR />'  +
                    '<label id="lbCallee">Callee: '+callee+'</label> <BR />' +
                    '<label id="lbDirection">Direction: '+direction+'</label> <BR />' +
                    '<label id="lbState">State: '+state+'</label> <BR />' +
                '</div> ' +
                resizable: false, minWidth: 250, minHeight: 100,
                /*NEW PART*/
                buttons: {
                        HangUp: function () {
                            alert("HangUp the line");
                        /*How can I really hung up the line*/
                /*NEW PART END*/
                close: function () {

I would be glad to receive any help or idea in connection with this

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