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How can I make a curve smoother?

nekovoltanekovolta Member Posts: 1

I am plotting a set or results I have, for instance (this a piece of code):

example=[1.6626E-12 3.4713E-12 1.2833E-11 5.0116E-11 1.9644E-10 7.7019E-10 3.0197E-09 1.1840E-08 4.6420E-08 1.8200E-07 7.1358E-07 2.7978E-06 1.0969E-05 4.3008E-05 1.6863E-04 6.6114E-04 2.5922E-03 1.0163E-02 3.9847E-02 1.5623E-01 6.1255E-01 1.0000E+00 1.0000E+00 1.0000E+00];

As you can see in the figure, as I do not have too many results in some points, there are sharp point that I'd like to make them smoother. I have been trying to do it with the functions 'polyfit and polyval' and on the other hand with the function 'smooth' but I didn't get the results I'd like to. Can any anyone give me any suggestion?

Thanks in advance!
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