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Whole number square roots only?

I need to write a program that will list the fibonacci sequence up until a million (This part is done) and then out of the numbers, I need to take the square roots, and only print the ones that return whole numbers, if I take the square roots of each number (being int's, It will return all the answers rounded to the nearest whole number, which is not what I need. Since I don't even know where to begin on this, I have no code implementing the square root portion. Not asking for it to be done for me , just where do I start maybe? Thanks

Language - C

int main(void)

int x, y, z,c,s;
double d;

x=1; /*Initiating the first values of the fibonacci sequence*/
c=1; /*Initiating the first value for the count*/

", x); /*The first two values of the sequence are printed here*/
", y);
while (z<1000000)

if (z<1000000)
", z);

printf("The amount of numbers in the follwing sequence is %d
", c);

return (0);

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