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file processing help!

luifranco09luifranco09 Member Posts: 2
Hi, okay I'm suppose to write a program that takes a text file(inputFile.txt) with a set format then the compiler will take the data and display it in a different format.

The original format is:
Name: John Milton
Major: EE
GPA: 3.98
Name: Karl Lewis
Major: CS
GPA: 3.6
Name: Homer Simpson
Major: CE
GPA: 4.0

and its suppose to look like this:
Name: Major: GPA:
John Milton EE 3.98
Karl Lewis CS 3.6
Homer Simpson CE 4.0


void main()
FILE *fp;
int c;
fp = fopen( "C:\inputFile.txt", "r" );
if(c == EOF)
printf("file does not exist.");
while(c != EOF)
c = getc(fp);
fclose( fp );
I got this so far but I dont know how to format into a different way. Any help on what to do next?
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